Stand up

for what you believe in!



Us? We are you!

We are people who believe in our human rights, confirmed in the Constitution of the United States of America.

One + 2 = Free is a not-for-profit organization is dedicated to help preserve and defend our 1st and 2nd amendment rights as defined in the Bill of Rights.

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is not free

We believe that every citizen has a responsibility to help defend our Constitution, our Flag, and our Nation. 


While this doesn't have to manifest in military service, we cannot expect those men and women of our armed forces to solely bear the entire burden of defending our county's freedom.  Let's help from home!


How can i Help?

Financial support is the most effective way to help us stay organized and to give the citizens power to make a difference.








How will my contribution be used?

All funding is in direct support of the One + 2 = Free organization.  Current programs supported by One + 2 = Free include:

1. Early childhood education about the Constitution and what rights mean.

2. Volunteer firearms safety and operating instruction.

3. Grassroots approach to equipping citizens who support our Constitutional rights with messaging and resources to help garner support for the cause.

4. Clinical rotations to Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

As a is not-for-profit organization, One + 2 = Free donates all proceeds beyond what's necessary to run the organization to the Cincinnati VA Medical Center in support of veterans; many of whom have given their best years in support of our cause: the defense of the Constitution.

If you believe we should stand up for our rights, please consider contributing and directly help make a difference.